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We get it, you don’t always have time for long, in-depth articles on how to design your omnichannel strategy or how to ace your disease awareness campaign. But what about a short, easy-to-read visual that gives you the 9 key elements to include in your disease awareness campaign?

This is what our “Quick Bites” are for… actionable tips, best practices and summaries of key concepts that you can “snack” while waiting for the last colleagues to join the meeting room.

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Cover picture for a pdf with the 5 key elements of effective stories
Storytelling: 5 keys elements of effective stories

From compelling narratives to relatable characters, we uncover 5 five essential elements that breathe life into campaigns, forging deep connections, driving engagement, and revolutionizing the way we communicate about healthcare

Cover of a pdf about the 3 Cs of personalisation in pharma marketing
The 3 C’s of Personalisation

Personalisation is the key to fight the digital fatigue that many HCPs complain about and to keep them engaged. While personalisation might sound complex to achieve, there are 3 areas you should focus your efforts on: Content, Channels and Cadence.