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We get it, you don’t always have time for long, in-depth articles on how to design your omnichannel strategy or how to ace your disease awareness campaign. But what about a short, easy-to-read visual that gives you the 9 key elements to include in your disease awareness campaign?

This is what our “Quick Bites” are for… actionable tips, best practices and summaries of key concepts that you can “snack” while waiting for the last colleagues to join the meeting room.

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Cover of a pdf about enhancing your pharma brand image on social media
Pharma brands suffer from a relatively negative (or at best neutral) image on social media. Let's have a look at the 3 main steps for your social media posts to join the top 2% of pharma-related content!
Cover of a pdf about the 5 main mistakes to avoid in pharma email marketing
Let's admit it... email user experience is behind in the pharma industry and busy HCPs have less time than ever to read bad emails. Here are the 5 most recurrent mistakes we often come across when analysing email marketing strategies
Cover of a pdf about 5 reasons to work with Digital Opinion Leaders in pharma
Like it or not, the reach of online influencers has spread to the pharma industry. Keep an open mind and discover why a partnership with a relevant DOL could be a great opportunity for your pharma brand
Cover of a pdf about 7 quick tips for pharma email marketing
When looking at emails sent to HCPs by pharma marketers, we see too many "mistakes" that could easily be avoided! We put together 7 quick wins to overcome these recurring mistakes. Sometimes, all it takes is some fine-tuning!
Cover of a pdf listing the top 9 pharmaceutical podcasts
From cutting-edge digital strategies to emerging trends in healthcare marketing, here is the ultimate playlist to keep you informed, inspired, and ahead of the game. Get ready to hit that play button and upgrade your marketing prowess!
Cover of a pdf introducing the digital landscape analysis
In our fast-paced digital world, a digital landscape analysis is an extremely powerful (and necessary) tool to understand your target audience and identify new opportunities. Discover the key elements of a digital landscape and how to build one
cover of pdf with 5 distinctions between disease awareness campaigns for HCPs and patients
In disease awareness campaigns, recognizing the unique perspectives of patients and HCPs is paramount. We shed light on their specific needs, motivations, and communication preferences so you can tailor your campaign to effectively engage both groups
cover image of a pdf listing the 9 elements of a successful disease awareness campaign
Discover the 9 key elements behind successful disease awareness campaigns that ignite empathy, empower communities, and create lasting impact in the fight against diseases
Cover of a pdf about the differences between DOLs and KOLs
Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are becoming an invaluable tool for many pharma companies to build their online reputation and trust. But where do they fit in your marketing strategy, compared to KOLs? Here are their main differences
Cover of a pdf about the 2 types of data in pharma marketing
Too many marketers settle for basic data collection. This is definitely not enough! Let’s have a look at what these two data categories are, how to collect them, and how to put them to good use.