Healthcare Companies Have Untapped Digital Potential. Our Digital Wingmen Turn It Into Performance

We uncover the hidden potential of your digital efforts and support you across all your e-streams

The Wingman difference

It’s not about what we do, but how we do it

Unbiased Perspective

We don’t manage your campaigns directly. As such, we can offer an external objective point of view

Extended Team

Our digital Wingmen work as part of your team, to fill in the gaps and strengthen your digital DNA


Imagine having the best in your field to answer questions and give you support. That’s what our Wingmen do

Flexible Engagement

We adapt our support based on where you are and what you need for your digital journey

Get Help Where You Need It

You take care of improving the life of your patients, we take care of making your digital marketing shine

Digital Audits & Suggestions

Evaluate content types and architectures. Then suggest actions to optimize digital strategies

Agency Management & Selection

Evaluate and challenge agencies. Manage performance by setting the right KPIs

Online Sales Strategy

Support online sales projects, including the decisions about how and where to sell, going for optimal e-commerce platforms, etc.

Omnichannel Strategy

Recommend channel selection, target audience, messaging and more, to improve digital presence and customer engagement

Analytics & Support

Analyze & explain how each of your tools and channels is performing and, if needed, support you in the required course corrections

Project Management & Performance Measurement

End to end project management and reporting implementation support

We bridge the gap between potential and performance

Get Help When You Need It

On-demand service & simple pay-per-hour model

We like to keep things simple, non-intrusive, and completely transparent with our Digital Wingman support. You pay for what you use. Period.

Service on demand

Hour based cost

No fixed costs, no retainer

Our expertise

Your current challenges are our own challenges from the past

At phamax Digital, we proudly wear two hats. On one side, we have been in your shoes for many years, having to undertake marketing efforts while doing our best to focus on improving our patients’ health. On the other side, we have developed strong expertise in digital transformation, working as digital marketing consultants in several industries.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and expertise in digital marketing, we know the digital challenges your company is facing, as we have already tackled – and mastered – them ourselves.
Our team understands your business, speaks your language and masters the tools to lead your team to digital excellence

Our Wingmen

Meet the management team

behsad zomorodi ceo

Behsad Zomorodi

Founder & CEO
With more than two decades in pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and consulting across the US, Europe, and Asia, Behsad has a strong track record in consulting multinational clients in commercial and scientific analytics.
david douek digital lead

David Douek

Founder & Chief Digital Officer
David has nearly two decades of experience in marketing across various industries and specializes in business strategy, project management, product strategy & digital marketing support to B2B industries. His team is located in Switzerland and across Europe.

They Trust phamax. Are You Next?

10 years of expertise means we’ve had the opportunity to work with many great healthcare companies worldwide, from startups to top pharmaceutical companies

logos of phamax clients

What digital success looks like

Case Study: Traffic Acquisition Strategy Development

We worked hand in hand with the marketing manager of a soon to be launched drug brand. Having little digital experience, the marketing manager used phamax’s expertise to:
Design a high level strategy in line with the brand objectives
Select and manage a media agency to implement the campaign
HCPs reached several times
Different channels used
The launch was then used as a case study for all other internal brands