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Your in-depth guide to video marketing in pharma

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Video Marketing Whitepaper (#11)

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1. Recap: Video Marketing for Pharmaceuticals
A quick recap of what video marketing entails. We cover the 5 main benefits of video marketing in pharma, the 2 main categories of content, and the 6 video types that are more prevalent within the pharmaceutical industry.
2. Promoting Video Campaigns
Creating the video is, in fact, the “easy” part. Promoting that video and making sure your target audience sees it is just as important. Discover 4 ways to successfully promote both your branded and unbranded content.
3. Choosing Suitable Platforms
Now that you have a better idea of how to promote your video campaigns, should you host the videos on your own brand website or on external platforms… or both? And what are the different options? Let’s look at what can be done!
4. How to Measure Success
Advertising best practices are not the same on professional social networks and mainstream social networks. This chapter gives an overview of the main advertising formats offered by professional social networks (traditional ones but also more specific ones) as well as our take on what kind of campaigns make sense on professional social networks, with examples. 
5. Successful Pharma Video Marketing Campaigns
Ready to give video marketing a try or to level up your game, but in need of some inspiration? For that final section, we’ve selected 3 successful video marketing campaigns in pharma and broken down the main components of their success.
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