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Pancreatic Oncology
HCP Influencers Landscape

Pancreatic Oncology Report (#9)

In this report…

This report gives a quantitative and qualitative overview of HCP-based activity on Twitter for a well-defined therapeutic area (pancreatic oncology)

Analysis of the main organisations and publishers

Most used hashtags and keywords related to the therapy area

Top 30 HCP digital opinion leaders (DOLs) in terms of relevance and influence

Detailed analysis of top 10 influencers’ behaviour based on their activity, engagement, and content shared

Mapping of top 10 influencers based on their main content areas and topics shared in their tweets

Analysis of main findings and recommended actions

How to use it?

Leveraging different analysis tools and adopting a well-defined methodology, we provide meaningful numbers, trends, and ratios that can be used for an effective influencer marketing effort

Identify the most appropriate influencer strategies according to your primary objectives

Select influencers based on their visibility or behaviour within a defined therapeutic area

Select DOLs for specific content initiatives (webinars, co-creation, announcements, content sharing)

Learn how to identify trending topics and hashtags to use on your Twitter account

For who is it?

This report is aimed at professionals that need to understand the Twitter landscape within the pancreatic oncology therapeutic area

Marketing managers (digital, brand, omnichannel, etc)

Medical managers

Market access managers

Associations, Societies, and Scientific event organizers

Media agencies

A glimpse of the report

Table of contents
pancreatic oncology influencer card
Influencer card
pancreatic oncology influencers map
Influencer reach map
pancreatic oncology content behaviour
Content behaviour map

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