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Solving Pharma’s Digital Decline: Reversing the Maturity Gap and Improving Engagement

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DMMI Whitepaper (#18)

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1. The Pains of the Omnichannel Manager
Pharma marketers must continually adapt to evolving digital expectations. Through a simplified timeline of digital maturity for emails, we illustrate how staying competitive requires mastering new technologies and leveraging digital maturity assessments.
2. How Digital Maturity Assessments Can Help
In this chapter, we explain how digital maturity assessments help organizations optimize resources, stay ahead of industry trends, benchmark performance, and adapt to evolving audience needs by conducting regular evaluations of their digital strategies.
3. Digital Marketing & Omnichannel Maturity Levels
phamax Digital’s assessment framework categorizes digital maturity into four stages: crawl, walk, run, and fly, each representing increasing integration and sophistication in strategy and technology use.
4. Phamax Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment (DDMI)
Discover how phamax’s DMMI provides a comprehensive framework to evaluate and enhance a pharma company’s digital maturity across five core dimensions, aligning with strategic goals and addressing key problem areas.
5. Reaching Your Maturity Goal
Understand that achieving digital marketing maturity is a marathon, not a sprint and digital maturity assessments offer significant benefits along the way. These include a comprehensive overview for structured planning or higher management buy-in.
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