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Why should healthcare marketers use professional social networks to reach physicians?

Medical Social Media Whitepaper (#7)

In this Whitepaper

1. What are professional social networks
This chapter is an introduction to professional social networks (what they are and their purpose), with a focus on medical professional networks 
2. Main professional social networks
Discover the main 9 professional social networks, what makes them unique, how active they are and in which geographical area. This chapter will help you decide which platform is best for your marketing strategy and to reach your targeted audience.
3. Why should healthcare marketers include medical social networks in their omnichannel strategy
As a healthcare and medtech marketer, medical social networks can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your services or products. This chapter highlights the 6 reasons why these medical professional networks are a must-have in your omnichannel marketing strategy as well as some drawbacks you should consider.  
4. Advertising on professional social networks
Advertising best practices are not the same on professional social networks and mainstream social networks. This chapter gives an overview of the main advertising formats offered by professional social networks (traditional ones but also more specific ones) as well as our take on what kind of campaigns make sense on professional social networks, with examples. 
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