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Digital channels

Explore the various online platforms and channels (emails, social media, podcasts, HCP portals…) available to reach your patients and HCPs target audience. Our articles provide valuable insights to understand these channels, as well as strategies to build an efficient omnichannel strategy.

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Social Media

There is so much to say about this digital channel that we gave it its own category on our Academy. Both HCPs and patients are active on social networks and so should you. We cover topics such as influencer marketing, medical social networks or branding and give you the tools to build a successful social media strategy.

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When building a marketing campaign, it’s not always easy to know where to start and how to build it efficiently. The following articles give you elements for success by covering topics such as storytelling or personalisation, but also best practices for specific campaigns such as disease awareness.

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In this increasingly digital world, it’s important for healthcare marketers to stay up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing, in order not to fall behind. Discover some of these trends and resources to stay in the loop.

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When building and analysing campaigns, many marketers fail to understand and collect the right data and metrics. This lead to wrong assessments, missed-opportunities and budget wastes. Was your campaign successful? Do you collect the right, actionable data to personalise your campaigns? Our articles are here to help!

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