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Why & How to Reach HCPs On Social Media (Webinar)

Many pharma marketers are reluctant to reach HCPs on Social Media, for several reasons: They don’t think HCPs are reachable on Social Networks They tried but had unconvincing results They don’t have a good overview of the platforms/formats available If any of these cases sound familiar, this webinar is for you. In under an hour, … Read more

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Social Media in Pharma Done Right

In 2019, back when COVID19 wasn’t even a thing, 65.3% of pharma marketers were including social media in their marketing mix. The latest numbers are not yet available, but since consumers have been spending much more time online due to the pandemic, we can expect a big increase in social media presence from the pharma … Read more

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The latest healthcare marketing trend – hosted content

How much are you paying for a healthcare professional to visit your website?   Did you know that pharma websites are amongst the least trusted sources of information for HCPs?  What if you could increase the trust in your content and at the same time reduce your cost per view?  Think I’m selling magic beans? Let … Read more

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Learn how to drive more traffic to your HCP websites

Are you struggling to communicate with your target audience using digital marketing channels? Do you want to know how the best healthcare companies attract thousands of healthcare professionals to their websites using digital marketing? These are common questions amongst our pharmaceutical and healthcare partners, hence we decided to write this blog post to help you … Read more