Top 9 Pharmaceutical Podcasts

The industry is always moving forward with new trends and knowledge to absorb. But while that creates an opportunity for you to get ahead of the game in pharma, it also creates a pitfall – if you don’t stay up to date, you fall behind.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve in the pharmaceutical industry is to listen to podcasts. These short (or long) informative audio shows fill your ears with insights, strategies and expert perspectives.

So, with a limited number of hours each week, which podcast should you listen to? Here are 9 incredibly popular podcasts that our Wingmen recommend at phamax Digital.

1. The Pharma Exec

Run by: Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine

Schedule: Every two weeks

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud

The Pharma Exec podcast is run by the editors at Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine and releases once every two weeks. Each podcast is an in-depth interview with an executive or expert within the industry. They examine current trends, key conferences, and critical topics to provide the latest commercial insights. Topics range from drug development to market access to regulatory affairs.

2. The Real Chemistry Podcast

Run by: Real Chemistry

Schedule: Every Thursday

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify

The Real Chemistry Podcast is a weekly podcast run by the brand management team at Real Chemistry. The podcast focuses on interviews with innovative industry leaders in healthcare and biopharmacy (not just commercial pharma). As such, topics extend beyond drug development and clinical trials to touch on subjects like patient advocacy and AI. We like that these podcasts are concise and snappy – some are as short as 20 minutes.

3. The Pharma Marketing Podcast

Run by: Pharma Marketing Network

Schedule: Ad hoc

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify

Operated by the Pharma Marketing Network, this podcast doesn’t adhere to a strict schedule. Instead, podcasts are released sporadically when there’s something to talk about. Quality over quantity! Topics include pharmaceutical marketing, digital marketing, and patient engagement, covered via interviews with innovators, thought leaders, influencers, and experts.

4. Medical Affairs Unscripted

Run by: Peg Crowley-Nowick, Lumanity Medical Affairs Consulting

Schedule: Ad hoc

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Hosted by Peg Crowley-Nowick, President of Zipher Medical Affairs, and run by Lumanity this is a podcast solely focused on the strategic role of Medical Affairs from the perspective of industry experts. Each podcast is an interview lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to 50 minutes. The schedule is, again, quite sporadic but we have been treated to monthly podcasts throughout 2023 so far.

5. MSL Talk

Run by: Tom Caravela, The Carolan Group

Schedule: Every Tuesday

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Youtube

Tom Caravela, founder of The Carolan Group, runs a weekly podcast that’s listened to in over 50 countries around the world. It is designed for Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Affairs leaders, covering industry news, trends and strategies, plus plenty of career tips and interview advice – it’s a great podcast for anyone looking to break into the industry.

6. Elevate Medical Affairs

Run by: Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

Schedule: Ad hoc

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

This podcast channel for MAPS interviews influencers in the Medical Affairs niche of the industry. Topics range from research to technological innovations to marketing strategy. New podcasts are released almost weekly, with a slightly relaxed schedule and 20-minute average run time. You never know when a new gem will pop up from this podcast channel. 

7. The Gold Podcast

Run by: GOLD (EMJ)

Schedule: Every Tuesday (seasonal)

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, audible

The Gold Podcast, run by the bi-monthly GOLD Magazine (part of the EMJ group), covers all things pharma. The podcast uses interviews as well as discussions with high-profile industry guests to cover the latest trends and innovations. Instead of running every week of the year, The Gold Podcast operates in seasons – short bursts of weekly podcasts followed by a break.

8. SpreadLoveio

Run by: SpreadLoveio

Schedule: Every Thursday

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Listen Notes

With a wider focus looking at leadership in healthcare, not just pharma, the SpreadLoveio weekly podcast is a great way to expand your horizons. This podcast interviews leaders and executives in pharma, biotech, and the healthcare industry to share stories, beliefs, and advice. You can also hear from academics and coaches to help your career in pharma grow.

9. Pharma Sessions

Run by: Jonathan Kaskey

Schedule: Ad hoc

Availability: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and 15 others

Pharma Sessions is a popular podcast hosted by Jonathan Kaskey, a healthtech leader. The podcast is released weekly (sometimes) and features Medical Affairs conversations hosted with leaders and influencers within the pharmaceutical industry. Topics include pharma strategy, technology in the industry, and career stories too. 

Psst. If you enjoy podcasts, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that HCPs love them too. Approximately one third of HCPs is already listening to podcasts in the pharma industry – here’s how you can capitalise on this rise.

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